Bullnose Fascia

Princess Park – Dartford, Kent

– Princess Park – Dartford, Kent

Scope of works – 750m Faceted Bespoke Bullnose Fascia

Guttermaster Limited was involved from the conception stage of this project, working closely with the Architect and contractor to design and manufacture complex faceted Bullnose Fascias. Rainwater is collected in the two large ponds at the north end of the stadium grounds.

Guttermaster devised a bespoke solution to form a perimeter feature and provide Princess Park with a skyline contrast.

GUTTERmaster Solution


Alexander Sedgley architects


Abacus Roofing Ltd

Bullnosed fascias, verges and ridges come in two main designs – the SemiSphere is a curved profile to a consistent radius whilst the Ovaline is an elliptical section.

GUTTERmaster Systems

Final Result

The concept couldn’t be simpler. Instead of letting rainwater from the roof and paved areas around the building run to waste, it is collected, filtered and reused as a substitute for treated mains water in non-critical applications. Clearly, water captured in this way cannot be used for drinking, bathing, showering or where there is any possibility of accidental ingestion However, captured rainwater is perfectly suited for general cleaning, toilets, laundry and watering plants. In fact, the absence of chemical additives and retention of natural properties is a positive benefit to plants.

Guttermaster systems

Meters of bullnose


Fully formed angles