I-Beam Fascia – Stalybridge Station

About The Project

Project Name: Stalybridge Station
Location: Stalybridge
Sector: Public
System Supplied: I-Beam Fascia

I-Beam Fascia – Stalybridge Station

In the redevelopment of Stalybridge Station, Guttermaster played a pivotal role by supplying a tailored solution – the bespoke aluminium I-Beam Fascia. The project’s core goals were centered around enhancing the station’s overall appearance. Guttermaster’s expertise led to the selection of the bespoke aluminium I-Beam Fascia, chosen for its aesthetic appearance and the ability to seamlessly integrate with the station’s architectural design.

The collaboration with Guttermaster resulted in notable improvements. The bespoke aluminium I-Beam Fascia not only fortified the structural framework but also added a touch of modern sophistication to the station’s facade. Guttermaster’s recommendation of the bespoke solution showcased a commitment to addressing the project’s unique needs and specifications.

The precision facrication and supply of the bespoke aluminium I-Beam Fascia by Guttermaster ensured durability and long-term performance. This exemplifies the successful partnership between Guttermaster Limited and Stalybridge Station in providing a structurally sound and visually appealing solution. It underscores the significance of collaboration to achieve both functional and aesthetic objectives in architectural redevelopment projects.


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