Aluminium Soffit

Corniche, London

– Hampton House – Corniche, London

The three spectacular towers of “The Corniche” lie on the southern bank of the Thames. They measure 85m at their highest, counting 15 to 27 storeys and 253 apartments. The towers also offer office spaces, a restaurant and cafe as well as a bar, a gym, a pool and spa area. Situated on the Albert Embankment, the towers provide a stunning view of the Westminster Palace, the Tate Britain and the London Eye. Its exterior view shows distinctive forms that visually distinguish the complex from its surroundings.

The arched design allows for a perfect panoramic view and the inflow of a maximum of natural light deep into the rooms. While traditionally constructed balconies provide the best views when in a standing position, the Corniche´s two-piece balustrades have been constructed in a way that provides an excellent view even when being seated inside the apartment, without impairing privacy or security. The challenge of this project was to adapt all aluminum profiles to the arched layout of the building. A number of custom solutions have been developed to meet this requirement.

GUTTERmaster Solution


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Lindner Group

The SnapLok wall capping or coping, as the name implies, means that the outer aluminium weathering capping can be “snapped” onto the specially designed combined fixing/jointing brackets. This eliminates the need for vulnerable penetrations on the top surface and presents a smooth unbroken line.

GUTTERmaster Solution


TrimFix brake-pressed aluminium fascia systems are an economical and highly decorative way of protecting timber or steel eaves structures from attack by the elements. Very few public commercial properties have on-site facilities for periodic maintenance, TrimFix or Shadow in a polyester powder coated finish with up to 25 years coating warranty, will only need the occasional wipe clean.

GUTTERmaster Solution

Guttermaster’s traditional round rainwater pipes offer a complete range of additional fittings which connect using welded “iron look” designed sockets, available as eared or uneared. Eared, enable the pipe to be fixed back to the wall, uneared sockets require pipe clips which provide variable projection off the wall.

Final Result

SnapLok wall capping is the most secure in the industry, withstanding wind speeds in excess of an astounding 400 miles an hour, more than twice the force of Hurricane Katrina at its peak. Simple to fit and now proven to be the safest, SnapLok wall capping system provides weatherproof ventilation for parapet walls.

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