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Sports clubs probably offer some of the best opportunities for viable harvesting schemes. These are usually large, purpose built, single or two-storey buildings where provision can easily be made during construction for tanks and basic filtration. The Environment Agency says tanks should be sized to provide about five percent of the annual demand. Tanks located at basement or ground level are preferable to avoid load on the structure.

For some owners and operators, the justification for rainwater harvesting may not be strictly commercial. Schemes like this demonstrate a company’s environmental concern and forward thinking approach to ecological issues. Many countries on the Continent already include rainwater saving in new-build projects and it may only be a matter of time before EU directives or changes to UK Building Regulations make harvesting mandatory. Building a system in at the outset of new projects is far less costly than retrofitting.

Most significantly, from a hospitality perspective, having a water harvesting system in place may contribute to maintaining quality of service for customers at times of water scarcity.

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The concept couldn’t be simpler. Instead of letting rainwater from the roof and paved areas around the building run to waste, it is collected, filtered and reused as a substitute for treated mains water in non-critical applications. Clearly, water captured in this way cannot be used for drinking, bathing, showering or where there is any possibility of accidental ingestion However, captured rainwater is perfectly suited for general cleaning, toilets, laundry and watering plants. In fact, the absence of chemical additives and retention of natural properties is a positive benefit to plants.

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TrimFix brake-pressed aluminium fascia systems are an economical and highly decorative way of protecting timber or steel eaves structures from attack by the elements. Very few public commercial properties have on-site facilities for periodic maintenance, TrimFix or Shadow in a polyester powder coated finish with up to 25 years coating warranty, will only need the occasional wipe clean.

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The SnapLok wall capping or coping, as the name implies, means that the outer aluminium weathering capping can be “snapped” onto the specially designed combined fixing/jointing brackets. This eliminates the need for vulnerable penetrations on the top surface and presents a smooth unbroken line.

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Guttermaster’s traditional round rainwater pipes offer a complete range of additional fittings which connect using welded “iron look” designed sockets, available as eared or uneared. Eared, enable the pipe to be fixed back to the wall, uneared sockets require pipe clips which provide variable projection off the wall.

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Actual savings can be difficult to quantify as they depend on the level of rainfall locally and the charges levied by individual water companies. But the UK Rainwater Harvesting Association ( estimates that commercial projects are likely to see a payback within two to five years. After that, it’s all money in the bank. The level of rainfall in the UK varies greatly – according to the Met Office, East Anglia has as little as 500mm of rain each year, but this figure is ten times higher in the Western Highlands of Scotland — so savings will obviously vary across the country too. Building size is another factor in determining savings. The roof will be the main gathering area, possibly augmented by terraces and other paved areas nearby. Ignore car parks as these may carry pollutants. In some cases, particularly with multi-storey buildings, the water yield may seem too small in relation to demand to justify full scale harvesting. But even in these cases, installing butts on rainwater down pipes can provide water for plants as well as reduce demand for mains water and the effects of storm surges.

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