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Aluminium Moulded No.46 Gutters

The Guttermaster product and guttering services represents the highest possible standard in the design and manufacture of stylish aluminium guttering, rainwater pipes and fascia soffit systems.

Our Systems


The only system to supply wind and snow resistant brackets as standard

Rainwater Pipe

Can accommodate variable projections off the wall.

Fascia Soffit

Virtually maintenance free over the life of the building.

SnapLok Capping

Fully tested to withstand windspeeds of over 400 mph!

Column Casings

Available in square, elliptical, oval and traditional round profiles

Aluminium Moulded No.46 Guttering

The Guttermaster Moulded No.46 gutter is taken from a traditional cast iron pattern to provide a strong, long lasting, yet lightweight and economical gutter to give a decorative eaves detail on a wide range of applications.

It can be used as a direct replacement for cast iron on refurbishment, or on new build.

Thick gauge extrusion, using a high strength alloy 6063 T6, allows us to produce a much straighter gutter than other methods of manufacture (1.5mm/metre for extrusion compared with 3.5mm/metre for casting).

Benefits & Special Features

System Information

We aim to make all system information and options available.  If you have a requirement which we have not covered then please don’t hesitate to contact our technical department to discuss how we can tailor a solution for your next project.  

  • To prevent leakage, the lip detail at the top of the gutter section enables the joint to lock into place
  • The vertical rear face of the gutter reduces unsightly gaps which can be particularly noticeable on polyester coated systems whilst allowing the gutter to be fixed to a fascia without brackets if required
  • Exceeds British standard thickness requirements
  • To prevent wind uplift the Guttermaster system incorporates wind restraint lips which lock the gutter into position
  • Extra large gutters available up to 400mm wide, 300mm deep

All our tests are independently carried out by leading test institutes. Throughout the programme our products are first tested to realistic parameters and current industry standards.  Testing often proceeds to the point of destruction in order to see how high we’ve set the bar.  The results, whilst pleasing to our design team, also instill confidence in the minds of our customers and end users industry wide.

Download our test report here


The Guttermaster aluminium range is available Polyester powder coated to outside surfaces in strict accordance with BS6496. Colours available are standard ‘RAL’, ‘BS4800’ or ‘Syntha Pulvin’ reference.

We also offer a wide range of alternative finishes including heritage textured finish, metallic, anodised coating, aswell as made to order special colours and finishes.

View Guttermaster colour chart

PDF Downloads

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Moulded No.46 Aluminium Guttering.pdf

AutoCAD Downloads

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BIM Downloads (Revit)

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Download Moulded No.46 System Revit Files (includes user guide)

Capacities & Compatible Rainwater Pipe

Fixing Types

Direct Fixing – No Brackets

Position the outlets to line up with drain location. Fix the outlets to the fascia board using the slots provided.  Similarly, fix angles and stop ends.  Set a line between the outlets and angles or stop ends and fix gutter lengths at maximum 500mm centres, again using the slots provided.  Gutters should be secured to fascia board with No. 10 x 25mm zinc plated or stainless steel roundhead twin threaded screws.

Fixing with Fascia Brackets

Position the outlets to line up with drain location. Fix fascia brackets within 300mm either side of the outlets. Fix additional brackets within 150mm of angles and stopends. Set a line between these brackets, all remaining brackets should then be fixed at maximum 1,000mm centres. Brackets should be secured to fascia board with No. 10 x 30mm zinc plated or stainless steel countersunk twin threaded screws. The gutter is a ‘Snap’ fit under the wind restraints.

Fixing to side & top Rafters

Position outlets as Option B.  Bracket locations will be dictated by the rafter positions.  For this reason it will be necessary to reduce the fixing centres to 600mm maximum.  In practice this will usually mean that every rafter will have a bracket..

Rafter brackets should be secured using No.12 x 40mm. zinc plated or stainless steel countersunk twin threaded screws.

Rise & Fall Mortar Brackets

Position outlets as Option B.  Bracket centres to 1000mm maximum, with a bracket at either side of all outlets and corners.  Incorporates additional wind restraint breacket

Fix directly to brickwork by drilling out an opening in the mortar then hammering the spike into the opening.  Best suited to uneaven walls or where fixings to the fascia cannot be achieved.



Joint Type

Internal union 100mm wide across joint with 13 x 8mm slot longitudinally located in sole. Spacers incorporated into the joint to provide a permanent 2 –2.5mm space between gutter and union to maintain a bed of sealant if the bolts are over-tightened.

Loose Union Joint

Loose Union Joint

Sealing the Joints

Ensure both surfaces of the gutter joint are clean – Guttermaster recommends the use of Loctite 7063 Cleaner. Apply low modulus neutral cure silicone to BS5889 (type A) in 6mm diameter continuous beads around the full girth of the gutter. Set gutters 3mm apart (to allow thermal movement) and insert the union clip. Secure aluminium bolts using 29mm diameter neoprene backed washer and nuts (provided by Guttermaster). The spacers in the joint will offer resistance when the bolts are tight enough – DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Smear sealant around exposed threads of bolts. Remove excess sealant. Allow 24 hours for partial cure.

Loose Union Joint

Standard Components

Standard Gutter Length

Use maximum lengths to minimise joints.

T2.22.22 to 3
LTo 3000To 3000To 3000


Fascia brackets – with wind restraint

Other types of brackets available – please enquire



Rafter Brackets – with wind restaint




Rafter Brackets – with wind restaint




Purpose Made Components

As a manufacturer of aluminium rainwater systems for over 25 years, we have developed a wide range of bespoke and optional components which can be incorporated into your chosen gutter system.  These components include but are not limited to:

Scroll Brackets

Lightning Clips

Raking Angle

Radius Gutters

Back Outlet


Snow Load Test Report

Associated Products

Cleaning & Maintenance

Moulded No.46 System

Jointing Instructions

Jointing Section Detail

Eaves Combination Examples

Glazed Canopy Gutter

Gutter Eaves Detail

Monopitch Roof

Reduced Fascia

Latest Projects

Hemisphere Project

Guttermaster devised a slim edge perimeter feature aluminium coping with secondary support, providing the roof edge with bold symmetrical lines around the whole building.

Weston College

Guttermaster was called on to provide our SnapLok Capping. We supplied a fully welded curved solution which far exceeded the expectations of the architect.

Hale Village

Guttermaster devised a perimeter feature aluminium coping with secondary support, providing the roof edge with bold symmetrical lines around the whole building.

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