The new Serpentine 175 high capacity gutter from Guttermaster is designed to cope with demanding applications and extreme weather. With a 175mm diameter and 130mm depth, there is a 60 percent boost in capacity over the highly successful Serpentine 135 gutter. The extended range gives architects, builders, roofing contractors and plumbers more choice. The elegant, extruded, bracket-less aluminium profile looks good, is easy to install, and will provide decades of service with only minimal maintenance.

Architects want gutters that combine function and good looks. The precision extruded Serpentine has clean lines and attractive curves to create additional interest at eaves level. A choice of over 250 RAL and BS colours in durable polyester powder coat gloss, satin or matt finishes makes the gutter easy to customise to suit building style and situation.

The precision extruded Serpentine has clean lines and attractive curves to create additional interest at eaves level.

Builders, roofing contractors, plumbers and other site trades demand gutters that are easy to install and that are rigid and tough enough for site conditions. The Serpentine’s bracket-less design means installation is a simple one stage process of attaching the upper edge of the gutter to the fascia. The rigid design, light weight and the elimination of brackets, all help to simplify level setting and speed site work. Importantly, these features ensure jobs are completed in the allocated time window to avoid delaying following trades.

Clients want rainwater systems that have the capacity to cope with extreme weather events and that they can fit and forget. Serpentine gutters meet these needs perfectly. This is because of their high capacity and free-flow characteristics and because they are free from problems of corrosion, ultra-violet degradation and embrittlement that affect steel and plastic. Occasional cleaning is all that is required. Here the Serpentine’s half-round profile helps because its hydraulic efficiency discourages debris and sediment accumulation in the channel.

Sustainability is an issue for everyone and Serpentine gutters address this need. Aluminium is exceptionally durable. With only modest care, Serpentine gutters will last the lifetime of the building so the initial energy investment is made only once. At the end of its useful life aluminium has a high residual value, so recycling is very attractive and consumes only five percent of the energy used for virgin material.

Serpentine gutters are suitable for applications in housing, education, health, leisure retail and commercial buildings. They can be used in combination with Guttermaster’s ranges of traditional and contemporary rainwater down pipes, including their flush fitting anti-climb design. The company has made managing rainwater a speciality and they are happy to give advise on the sizing and selection of rainwater products for roofs of differing construction, area and pitch.